The Racket of Racism



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I hope this video will help to change every viewers outlook on racism. 

I made it for people who are truthfully seeking healthier perspectives around the discussion of race in the USA.

We have to research which companies are benefiting from free prison labor and then we have to cut those companies off. In this country, your rights are determined by your dollars. Your collective spending gives you a voice!  

Thank you for viewing and I look forward to hearing from you. 







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  • Mario J. Bailey

    You’ve came a long way from the guy dancing in a field at the end of the “40 Year Old Virgin” movie. LOL. (Serious face) Powerful video, brother… Very insightful… Thanks for sharing!

  • Kevin Lewis

    Thank you for this video. It is vital that to fully understand current social-economical-political context one must have an analysis of history. Dr. John Henrik Clarke, pan-African Historian tells us- History is not everything, but it is a starting point. History is a clock that people use to tell their political and cultural time of day. It is a compass they use to find themselves on the map of human geography." I would add more info to this video before 1777 in Vermont that would provide a look at the sentiment of the North and the strategic plan on why to abolish slavery. Often times we are given the narrative that somehow
    the moral compass of the “white” majority population in the north somehow kicked in and this led to their push to abolsih slavery. This is not the case. History of America tells us that the business of America is business. Before 1777, we have to look at the role Africans themselves played in the abolishing of the slavery system. Going back to the Glorious Revolution in Europe where the merchant class rose up against the monopoly he monarchy had over the slave trade system and for the first time opened up the formation of capitalism where it was a free for all for the common merchant to raid Africa and become rich by engaging in the “slave” trade. Well this had consequences. The more Africans that were placed in the carribean led to more deadly revolts. Jamaica, Barbados, Guyuana and other britiish colonies became extremely dangerous and at a cost to their system on the islands. By the time 1772 arrived in Britain, the Somerset case was happening and Britain, abolished the slavery system on the mainland and forbade the transport of Africans directly to the carribean colonies…..they realized they were essentially bringing more Africans that would become rebellious and kill owners, liquidate the plantations, spread that revolt to other colonies, and bankrupt rich traders…so they moved for abolishment to cut off the replenish of warriors, and save their lucrative businesses. Most of the British from the islands took flight to guess where…..the US. Particularly South Carolina and the financiers up to the New England States….get it….“New England”. They basically wanted to recreate England by using the systems on the islands by financing the trade with Britain. Well they too were impacted by the revolts. They were losing business! The were saving there business..not any moral overhaul. The wealthy I am saying. When Haiti happened it scared the crap out of all the colonizers…the did not want that to spread to America or Britain…so this is why during reconstruction they wanted to ship Africans outta here….scared to death of Nat Turners, Denmark Vessey, Stono Rebellion….do you know they even founded a colony to be an all-white colony. It is called Georgia. There is so much more context to understand to have a clearer picture of today


  • Brian

    Great job … definitely had my kids watch. And I hope one day to work with you on the big screen …. Peace and much success when your project. .. B.Ray

  • Graham Vajnagi

    Intense video – it’ll open eyes. I had no idea it was that deep. Making people aware is crucial – this clip does that well.

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