What to Buy for a Fan!?!

My flight was delayed so I decided to go shopping for one of my biggest SnapChat supporters. Whether I need help on what blazer to wear to an event, support for my up and coming crowdfunder or feedback on a blog post, she's always the first to show support. I want to get her something nice to show my appreciation. I hope you find it entertaining.

romany malco on snapchat




  • Annemarie Vriends

    Astrid is my biggest friend. We know eachother from highschool. It is so great that you send a gucci bag to her . Thank you for your kindness.

    Annemarie :)

  • Julie Hendrix

    Hi Rom, that was so awesome of you to think of your fans/friends like that. Astrid must be over-joyed. You are so genuine. I would Love, if your interested-if you would like to purchase a pic of mine. I usually take Sunsets or things I find interesting. I would hope that if someone saw it hanging in your home or office they too would be interested. I am trying to keep a roof over me and my 4 kids at home heads. There’s no help, I been trying. The programs are just there when you lose everything that’s what I am trying to avoid. It’s a very fine string to hold onto. I just started a second part time job. But my real passion is photography. And being on the set. God Bless!

  • Jerome Butts

    Well damn I’d love to buy equipment to start my deejaying business back up!!!!

  • Dynette

    I would love to get a helicopter ride with u personally

  • Jazmine Thomas

    That’s a crazy gift to get a friend… your a good friend..??

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