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Purpose Over Paper™

The Racket of Racism

by Romany Malco

September 22, 2016



I hope this video will help to change every viewers outlook on racism. 

I made it for people who are truthfully seeking healthier perspectives around the discussion of race in the USA.

Thank you for viewing and I look forward to hearing from you. 




We have to teach these kids to research which companies are benefiting from free prison labor and then we have to cut those companies off. In this country, your rights are determined by your dollars. Your collective spending gives you a voice!  Thank you for watching and if you can find it in your heart to swing by PRISONLOGIC.COM. I’d be very grateful. It’s funny and your visit helps my Indiegogo ranking! Bless you!


  • Love your style. Discovered your video “Racket of Racism” on facebook. Looking forward to reading/watching your stuff.

    Miryam Drum on

  • It is hard to see the plight that black american’s are going through right now. It seems so much is stock against my brothers and sisters. Most of my young life I was raised around my own people and we really weren’t told about our history (Slavery). So when I immigrated to Canada what a culture shock I got, because I was always told as a child to love everyone, you know (love thy neighbour as thy self). I see my people been killed, brutalize, disrespected and discriminated against on so many levels all around me and it discuss me. We have the power to change things and yet we sit and wait for them to destroy your family by sending our young men to gail, getting our women hooked on drugs. There are more black people hooked on hard core drugs in the US than all of the Caribbean and black people only represent 13% of the population. MLK jr said " If a man has not discovered something he will die for, he is not fit to live. Research the history of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, it will also give you some insight about the conspiracy and your government. I really enjoyed your video. Thank you.

    Karlene McGregor on

  • This was amazingly well done (congratulations) and condenses a ton of key “cause and effect” events into a logical argument. Because you do invite the fact-checkers I will submit this important correction (with source):
    While it is true that Bill Clinton’s 1994 Crime Act did contribute further to black (and hispanic) incarceration, the data shows that trend starting in the ‘70s. The point being that the Clinton Crime Act had much less impact on incarceration than it is being blamed for. State and local policies had a much greater impact and did so for a much longer period of time. Am I defending the Clinton Crime Act? No. Just correcting the record to help focus on the right solutions – i.e. not simply a Federal law that had less impact than is assumed. And because some people are probably wondering, I was a Bernie supporter, but I’m enthusiatically voting for Hillary because unlike most folk, on this issue I do trust her to focus on fixing this problem out of genuine concern.

    Ian Colte on

  • Sad thing is, many privilieged people will dismiss this. But, this here? Crash course for the young black youth. Hopefully this and other dialogue will assist in getting us to move around the B.S. and get an early start on making a great existence for themselves and others.

    Lou Menace on

  • Wow! I have to listen to this again! Thanks for the info. #IntelligentBlackManAlert

    Kenisha Forbes on

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