I'm Done Having Pointless Debates Over Racism...

It seems the United States is in complete resistance to ending slavery. The anger, resentment and low regard for people of color is as prevalent today as it has ever been. When those in authority do not reflect the culture of the people they are policing, there will always be an obscene lack of discretion. This is why I say every single joke, every single commentary, every single song, every single tear has to be loaded with intention. 

Mass executions are not coincidence. It is the American way.  They will use you until they no longer need you, then kill you. As long as you abide to the rules of their regime, you are a slave. If you rebel, threaten their attempts at "modernization" of weaker countries and government, oppose their politics or question their authority, you are viewed as an eminent threat. These are the behaviors of a country, regime and/or culture not open to diversity or equality.  The Nicaraguans, Panamanians, Northern Vietnamese, Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians, Native Americans and many more know this story well. 

In my eyes, any man, woman or transgender who has to be inspired by flurries of media coverage relating to tragedy in order to act purposefully on a daily basis is as good as dead to me. They too are a part of the problem as their apathy dilutes awareness. Awareness of what, exactly? Awareness of our REALITY and solutions within it. Solutions such as being policed and trialled by those who are from your community. There is a need to impose at least a 50% educational tax on campaign donations exceeding $250k, as money in politics is a huge incentive for police brutality, bias verdicts and the overall inhumane treatment faced by people of color.


These racial, social and judicial imbalances directly reflect the lack of political power, judicial power and media control within these communities. Local politics is where it starts.  Our senators, judges, sheriffs, chief of police, etc. should all be hand picked by peers of their community. This is the only way for people of color to consistently experience fairness and discretion. 

Refrain from spending money and providing viewership to entities that do not depict people of color in a constructive light. This goes for ANY entity! Doesn't matter if it is black owned or not. If it depicts us in fruitless fashion - it should be boycotted. Drastic situations often require drastic action.

Not all whites are the cause, but so many are the benefactors of black enslavement, black oppression and black neglect. To the non-blacks who have compassion for those who endure the emotional and psychological heritage that comes with being enslaved, incarcerated and bred as a person of color in the USA, we need your voice as well. Because fundamentally, people either care about one another or they don't. Those who care about you will make a genuine effort to understand you, share their hearts with you, share their insights with you, mourn with you and be real with you. They will not fulfill one of these deeds. They will fulfill ALL. This basic principle works both ways. 

So the next time you are trying to share your heart, impart wisdom and be real with the apathetic, please acknowledge you are wasting time on someone who does not care, does not want to care, or does not know how to care about you. Save it for someone who does. Remember that.  #PurposeOverPaper


  • drjoe2001

    @wombat: Not to offend, but I had trouble making sense of your comment. Do you mean to say that racism ended soon after the fight for independence? You’re kidding, right?

  • TZadak ZariYah Ban Yasharahla

    Good video…(Black Unfiltered) spare no feelings when it comes to the Truth Isaiah 58:1 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qhEvbWD5U1Q

  • Frank

    “Refrain from spending money and providing viewership to entities that do not depict people of color in a constructive light. This goes for ANY entity! Doesn’t matter if it’s black owned or not. If it depicts us in fruitless fashion – it should be boycotted. Drastic situations often require drastic action”. I can’t put it any better. I wish we had special awards or grammy category for movies and media that portrayed brown and black people positively. Any thing else we treating symptoms not the cause. Young white children are innocent until they grow up being fed by the garbage in the media. Pharmaceutical companies advertise drugs showing the patient to be black/brown and the doctor/pharmacist is white. Where I grew up all the doctors/lawyers/architects/Bankers where black. We Should feature black professional Associations and put them in the media for the young people to look up to. Start something as simple as a face book page of black surgeons, accountants, lawyers or architects. Why is that a majority of young black people in colleges are registering for courses in criminal justice/social work? While their counter parts are aspiring for medicine,law, banking or IT? And how do we change that. Is it by chance that the jewish community emphasized their young people to pursue medicine,banking and law back after migrating from europe and now they are big players in the healthcare industry, politics and hollywood?

  • Wesley Shinault

    Check me out bro: http://www.theblackmigration.com

    I am in full agreement on the only way we can correct the problems America doesn’t WANT to change

  • wombat

    Yep, we are totally resistant to ending what was ended almost as soon as our country got done fighting for our independence. I can’t imagine why you’re done having these conversations when you approach them from such a clearly moderate viewpoint.

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