SNAP ALERT!!! $1,000 Minivan Saga



I cannot live in Isabela, Puerto Rico without my own car. It's too rural and remote to to chance it. However, I want to find the right car. I don't want anything brand new or flashy. I want an affordable car, to load my 90 lb dog, kayaks, bicycles, golf clubs and fishing rods. I want it to be good on gas, reliable and capable of handling Puerto Rico's poor road conditions. There must also be room and comfort for my family and friends. 

It will take a while to find the ideal vehicle, but in the meantime I figured I'd buy a 1997 Chevy Venture Minivan for $1,000. It seemed more cost effective than renting and it met all of my criteria! Three days after my purchase, I found myself stranded as the van refused to run. ? Press play to see the entire story.



  • Ember

    May sound stupid, but if you are ever in a car that is over heating. Turn on the heater. It pulls the heat away from the engine and just roll down the windows. It WILL be hot as hell, but it helps.

  • Kevin aka RefreshGenius

    If you are still in PR, take a trip to Toro Verde in Orocovis. An amazing zipline and adventure coarse experience

  • Kevin H a.k.a RefreshGenius

    Romany, Hilarious sage. If you ever get a good working vehicle in PR, take around PR and will guarantee you will see more than 30 broken down cars, vans, pick up and the like on the side of the road. Broken down vehicles happen everyday in PR B

  • ANdrea MAcDonald

    I have to admit that is a pretty funny experience with your junk yard ordeal lol. What an ordeal to get rid of an old car hahaha good luck on the next beast.

  • Lynn Lake

    So you ended up spending $1,000 , having to get a rental ANYWAY…. AND ended up STRANDED trying to save a buck lol you’re a hot mess… Stop over thinking it!

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