SNAP ALERT!!! Date with a Superfan!


Had the privilege of spending the entire day with a SuperFan (Adrienne Mattox)

We had lunch, took a tour of the Sony lot, ran into George Clooney and decided to watch Mad Dogs, Episode One. 

Prior to meeting Adrienne, I made all kinds of assumptions of what the day would be like. 

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I anticipated her being stiff, nervous and socially inept. Instead, I was blessed to meet this charismatic, traveled, warmhearted young lady with a great sense of humor.

Adrienne was truly a joy. We hung out, took pics, talked about everything and finally watched Mad Dogs. Great day! Great gal!


If you'd like to go on a SuperFan, SuperDate - just text me at: (323) 553-5233.

Please use the comment section to tell me what I can do to make your fan experience better? #PurposeOverPaper



  • nikki

    Hey I’ve been following you for a while. Love the fact that you are from trinidad. Im actually live there currently. Love the trini accent lol

  • SHarlene KAthy

    I truly enjoyed mad dogs , within a matter of hours I watched the entire thing.. Very honour to have spoken to you a few time thru text… Your are a very cool dude … For me it would be the only and most exciting thing to happen to me other than having my son… To have a date with you… Blessings Romany

  • Chaka Meyers

    I have text conversation with you from time to time. You are cool af!! Pick me next, we can have a blast! ??

  • Mary


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