Explain Meditation in 90 Seconds or Less (While Drunk)

I got tipsy the other night and tried to explain how mediation works. Let me know if I got my point across in the new comment box below. 


  • Aaliyah

    The mind! LOL

  • elizabeth

    Complete truth, no matter how inebriated, lol, sometimes i think that people dont understand how incredible our minds are, everything we use, see, and touch came from someones mind, it was conceived in thought and birthed into creation. Meditation is one of the best ways to open that door and begin to feel how powerful we truly are.

  • Dion


  • Indranie

    That was the best explanation of meditation! I can show this to my 16 year old and she will get it. It makes even more sense to me. Thank you!

  • careen

    still trying to understand where you left from and where you trying to reach. hahahaha

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