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Purpose Over Paper™

Due for Reinvention

by Romany Malco

January 16, 2016

I am a firm believer that we are all due a reinvention every so many years. So far, the highlight of my year is in the things I've declared and the action steps I've taken to make them a reality. In 2015, I worked nonstop (weekends included) for five months straight in Puerto Rico under extremely rough conditions. I know, no one feels sorry for actors, but this was hardcore. 

Immediately following that, I took a two month job in Atlanta. On that job, my trailer caught fire due to an electrical issue. My dog (Doodle) was on the trailer but luckily rescued before being burned. Thank God! My personal belongings (wallet, license, credit cards, phone) were charred, but my primary concern was Doodle. I was at peace knowing she was safe.

I had to fly to Los Angeles from Atlanta for one day to retrieve a new drivers license before continuing onto Miami, and eventually to my new home in Puerto Rico. But even then, I had guests visiting to celebrate the New Year with me and never really got a chance to relax. 

I'm now back in Los Angeles doing press for Mad Dogs. I fly back and forth from New York to Los Angeles doing talk shows. It is an exhausting but necessary process has me rethinking the approach to my career. I'm due for a reinvention. I need more control of my schedule and less distractions. Still, I am grateful for this moment in time. It is validating.

Perhaps, if I could fly private, give up social media, and make better use of my time. Maybe if I were more than an actor for hire on my projects, I could carve out a few hours a day for a routine fitness regime. The logical solution is to live in Los Angeles, so that travel is less taxing. But, most of my jobs don't film in Los Angeles and I am miserable in the desert. I need tropical air and my work cannot take precedence over my happiness.

Either way, living in Puerto Rico seems like a dream and I'm at the point in which being alive feels like a privilege. 


  • Hello Romany, I just listened to your radio show, and I liked what you said. You said that there was not enough roles out there. However, I just finished this script 10 years ago about some racial profiling. Now I guess that it’s happening today. I think that this film could be something that you could be ready for. God gave this vision 10 years ago & now I must find angels who have a mutual interest to come aboard. Please let me know how to connect with you. Maybe you may want to direct or act or produce. I hope to here from you because the time is now to put this film entitled “Crackdown” into production.

    Synopsis: In a city, an African male is confronted by two crooked cops and is murdered during an illegal raid. His two African American friends want revenge. Now they plan to turn evidence against the corrupt cops.

    charley rice on

  • Happy New Year, Rom! Site is looking good señior. Congrats on the upcoming premier of, and all the positive buzz around, the new Mad Dogs season! All the best, J.

    Jason H on

  • Good Afternoon,
    Hopefully you’ll read this. So here it goes. I’m part of an organization called West Indies United (WIU) located in Hampton Roads, Va. It is a Non-profit Caribbean organization geared towards promoting caribbean culture through education, food, dance, music and of course our love for soccer. We have been around since 1981 (35 years), we have a number of projects we work on every year. One of biggest events is our annual Scholarship Gala in which we select 3 highschool students to receive scholarships to their choice school and would love for you to be a guest speaker. You can checkout our website at and see some of the things we do for the Hampton Roads community. If you are interested you can contact me. Thank you for all that you do and I wish you all the success.

    Aurie George on

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