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So, what the hell am I doing? I’m trying to beat the system. At the moment I have 269k Facebook followers, 203k Instagram followers and 147k Twitter followers. 

I did the math! On average, here’s how many of my followers see and engage my posts on each platform:

FACEBOOK:  .47% (less than 1/2 of a percent)

INSTAGRAM: .49% (less than 1/2 of a percent)

TWITTER: .03% (less than a 10th of a percent)

EMAIL: 32% (1/3rd of my following!)

TEXT: 87% (almost 90% of my followng!)

The rest is self explanatory. But I am not the genius behind this direct text technology that affords me analytics of fan engagement (based on frequency, sharing, purchases, etc.). 

The creator of SuperPhone is music producer, Ryan Leslie. Here is an in-depth interview with Ryan Leslie (conducted by Forbes Magazine) on the SuperPhone technology. Read More Here!


  • DAve BUrroughs

    This is Dave Burroughs aka comicdave1 all the way out here in Alaska. I’ve been a fan since the Mc Hammer movie. Keep up the great work your doing.

  • Anthony

    Really enjoy your work and the Breakfast Club interview. I had to purge social media feeds from my psyche in December, feeling less droidish these days. Diving into the blogosphere, if you know of any individuals sharing progressive and enlightening states of mind, please share!

  • Careen JACOB

    It is so great to see how you try to reach out to your fans. I maybe new to connect with you but its nice to see the work and videos.

  • Jay

    Yo, send me a text. 734-486-3470. Show Detroit some love, brutha!!

  • Vanessa

    Looking forward to working with you!

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