Knowing What You Know Now...

  • Will you forgive that person and move on with your life, or hold on and be stuck for yet another year? ???
  • Will you finally acknowledge your weaknesses and accept that you need a team to help make your dreams a reality? ?
  • Will you continue to follow mainstream media despite the obvious trickery? 
  • Will you continue to put life on hold in hopes of making more money? ?
  • Will you make certain to finish what you start? 
  • Will you come to terms with the fact that you allowed yourself to be used by him/her, and therefor you are not a victim, but merely an accomplice?

  • Will you live vicariously through your favorite film and TV characters, or embark upon an exciting life of your own?
  • Will you commit to something or someone, and acknowledge that commitment is necessary for growth? 
  • Will you ever put down your phone, turn off your screens and take a moment to be still?
  • Will you continue to ignore the foreign ingredients in the food you eat and feed to your children? 
  • Will you help children (and immature adults) understand that fame and celebrity are not the only ways to success? 
  • Will you stop preaching and instead, lead by example? ?
  • Will you vow never to blame anyone ever again?  
  • Will you continue chasing the "American Dream" knowing it is not a healthy model of success? ALL components (monetary gain, social status, acquisition of things) are synonymous with debt. You can attain all three and still not feel a sense of fulfillment. ?? ?
  • Will you continue apologizing for your race, religion, gender, sexual preference and/or body type?

Romany Malco Blog "Sinfully Single Crop Tee"

  • Will you be open to new ideas relating to music, food, adventure, sex, work, therapy, literature, travel, politics, etc?
  • Will you put money behind your ideas, or will you settle for being the person who thought of it but did nothing to make it happen?
  • Will you point out the differences between you and other human beings (in a negative light), just to feel better about yourself? ?
  • Will you peacefully interact with one person per month - who is from a completely different walk of life?
  • In 2016, will you make an effort to cut your television viewing in half? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • Will you continue to support death merchants (artists who promote murder)? 
  • Will you make more of an effort to accommodate the elderly, starting with family?
  • Will you continue to sleep with people you have no intentions of being with?
  • Will you justify your counterproductive eating habits, or will seek help in overcoming your addictions? ??????
  • Will you allow other's to set the standard for your personal happiness, or will you no longer seek acceptance from those who do not walk in your shoes?
  • Will you accept that the stupidity you find in your timeline is there because you chose to follow? 



  • Franquita

    I cant say that in 2016 I’m going to forgive and let go because I’m the type of person to forgive and let go a day after something happens. Life is too short to hood anger in your heart and if you dont forgive and let go,how can God come in and bless you. He forgave us so why cant we forgive others.

  • marquita

    I will forgive those who have done me wrong it’s to much of a Burden To hold all that in

  • Jen McCaleb

    2016 is the year of ME. I will (and have) let go of any insecurities I have had in the past. I will put me first more, and know I am worth it. I will forgive the few people left I have to forgive, as that is a freeing of the soul. Blaming others only affects you, and keeps you from being the great person you can be. I will have trust and faith in everything I do, and I WILL TAKE VACATIONS! I turn 50 this year, and in numerology, I will start my 1 year. It is a huge year for me, and my business of massage/reiki/mediumship will thrive. 2016 is going to ROCK!!!

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