Cameron Diaz - "Fame Won't Make You Happy."

Cameron Diaz lent herself to the HUMAN interview’s game. She spoke about fame (0:29), what her acting profession means to her and the incredible and very emotional memory of the moment following the loss of her father and the beautiful treasures he left behind (2:46).

I also found (1:40) to be extremely powerful as Cameron speaks of the lessons her loving parents taught to her and her siblings. 

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As someone who has lost his father just a little over 7 years ago, I can honestly relate to these excerpts. Thanks to Cameron Diaz for demonstrating such substance while thriving in an industry built on superficiality. 

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  • @MsJaneDough

    Thanks for the post! I look great on your page. (Correction: @MSjanedough)?

  • Nicole

    This is a beautiful and moving interview. Thanks for sharing.

  • Felicia Baisden

    Great interview. Love how Cameron delivered her true self and allow herself to be vulnerable. Great job with this!

  • Suzette Cole

    Yes, she got it. Thank you Cameron Diaz for doing the interview. Hopefully, people can learn from it.

  • KHill

    Cameron Diaz is a wise women. The cool thing is even though she’s talking about fame one can apply that to a life total opposite of that. The regular Joe who is living their life to impress other people. The person who lives above their means just to appear better than someone else….just be you, and be great at that. Thanks for sharing Romany Malco.

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