Trinidadian Doubles - Best Cheap Eats in Brooklyn

“Something fun that I learned about Trinidad, is that they have more national dishes than any other country in the world, because they have so many different ethnicities.”  ~Lucas Peterson
Host of Eater, Lucas Peterson heads to the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn in search of authentic Trinidadian cuisine. A&A Bake and Doubles Shop, owned by Geeta and Noel Brown, is famous for their doubles: a hand-held Trinidadian sandwich made with fried bread and stuffed with chickpea.
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  • Suzette Cole

    That’s what I miss about my old Bed-Stuy neighborhood, living in Texas.

  • April E. Snow

    Merry Christmas… Happy Holidays

  • Ammesa

    Romy, yuh cud eat what yuh want, ah would love yuh middle section n all, once yuh love me wit mine too!! Cuz ah go eat right wit yuh!! Lol… Especially if its some island food, ooohh gaaawwwddd!!

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