Aspiring Filmmakers Need This

If you are an aspiring filmmaker trying to break into the film industry, these two videos will be of great help. Hear honest, realistic depictions of what it takes to become a successful filmmaker, from the people who are doing it.



Within the first 30 minutes of this talk Mark Duplass will set any aspiring filmmaker onto an extremely productive path. The price points mentioned here are so sobering, but it reminds me of when the music industry embarked upon the technology that gave everyone with a computer an opportunity to program a beat, track instruments & vocals, mix and master albums for 1/100th of the cost. 





In this particular video there are at least a dozen indie filmmakers who've either self financed or raised their own financing in order to make the film they wanted to make. Almost all of them denounce the notion of venture capitalists, angel investors, networks, studios, etc. jumping to finance or green-light your great idea. All but a few directors speak of what it takes to get a movie made and question if it is worth the effort.

This compilation made me realize that being an actor offers one of the best ROIs in the business, after the venture capitalist. Actors put in the least amount of time and can often demand points in backend deals. But then I realized, the most powerful thing one can do in this world is influence, shift or change the narrative. If that is the only payoff, it's still the most fulfilling of all.


 Should you have any additional videos you'd like to contribute to this list, please do so below. Thank you!

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